Wine Down Wednesday Re-cap!

As usual, it’s always great to take time from our busy lives to enjoy a bit of wine and company. Whether you are the wine connoisseur who gently sips, swashes and takes in every note or the casual wine taster who is looking for a new path to walk down and a new taste to explore–our Wine Down Wednesdays always offer a diverse mix of residents and friends alike. This Wine Down Wednesday, which now seems to be a regular monthly event due to its popularity, was sponsored by Kroger who brought a wide range of unique wines, cheeses and meats to choose from. That right there is a different level of involvement. It is one thing to taste a great wine…it’s another thing completely to pair it with a sharp, pepper jack cheese, Gruye’re or Gouda.

The most popular wine of the night had to be the Moda Talamonti and with a bit of in-depth journalism we found that this wine has won several awards including the International Wine & Spirit Competition, vintage Silver and the 2010 vintage Silver (Best In Class).

Also, keep in mind that Kroger is having a huge wine sale with 20% when you get 6+ bottles through Saturday Oct. 15th, so whether you tasted the wine you’re gonna get or want to find something new and unique, ask for Sharon (at Kroger) for a rundown on the what’s-what in Vino.

See you all next month!




Painting & Wine On The Pier!

Have you ever been to one of the resident events at The Boathouse?  If you haven’t, then sit back and let me paint you a picture.

Last Wednesday night we threw our own Painting with Wine event. Pop-Up Paint Studios was nice enough to set up in our beautiful Pier venue on-site; it set a perfect mood with the beautiful view of our lake. The weather was nice and warm with a calm breeze adding a hint of harmony to a beautiful sunset as we painted into the night, lost in our own imaginations. We had a great selection of crisp refreshing wines to choose from as we all watched our masterpieces come into form.

After experiencing the beautiful fall weather today, I realize the painting we created was a perfect fit. Can you guess what it was? It looked just like Texas in the fall. The grass was still green but the trees had turned that beautiful amber and orange color. The leaves were just beginning to fall

The wine flowed and the paint brushes stroked as each painting came alive. With sixteen residents in attendance it was amazing to see how each painting had its own unique twist. It was incredible that we were all following the same instructions but all of our pictures looked so distinctive.

If you missed this one, don’t worry. We have plenty of events coming up every month at The Boat House. Keep an eye out for what’s coming up next!