5 Creative Ways to Show Your Love on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost here! Although we love our usual Mother’s Day Brunch, sometimes our moms appreciate it when we come up with something creative to show our love. We’ve wrestled up a few cool Mother’s Day ideas for those whose mamas are near or far!

  1. Get mom out and about! From walking the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve to indoor skydiving, there are endless options in this area of fun things to do to get mom out there. The memories you’ll make along the way will be ones to remember for sure!
  2. Mom lives far away? Send her reminders throughout the day of how much you love her. Find some old photos and text them her way with some of your favorite memories. You’ll have her smiling all day!
  3. Dinner and a movie. This may be something you do all the time, or not enough. There are some awesome movies out to share with mom right now. From Life of the Party to the Overboard remake, there is something good she’ll be sure to love.
  4. Send her fresh blooms! A classic, but with a twist. The Bouqs is a company dedicated to delivering flowers that help local flower farms and reduce waste at the same time, something mom is sure to love!
  5. Help her get something done she’s been trying to tackle. If she’s been meaning to replant her garden, or spring clean all your stuff from college in the attic. Give her a hand!

Enjoy the holiday with those special ladies in your life!

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