How To Keep Your Pet’s Happy and Healthy This Holiday Season!

We certainly love our pets here! As we dive into those cozy holiday months, we want to make sure we’re protecting our beloved babies. We have a few tips and tricks for taking care of our little angels during these next few months.

Winter Months:
1. If your pets aren’t out getting a lot of exercise because of the chill, we have plenty of awesome Doggie Day cares in the area, from Petsmarts Pets Hotel and Day camp to Doggie Oasis and Hakuna Matata’s Pet Resort, there are various options and price points for your pet to get a good run around!

  1. Consider hiring a dog walker for midday when it is warm out! There are plenty in the community and it will get some energy out of your pet so they rest when kept home.
  2. Pets get sick too! Pay attention to any colds or flu symptoms like nasal congestion and discharge, difficulty breathing through the nose, occasional coughing, mild fever, general lethargy or loss of appetite.
  3. If you turn the heat up in your apartment or town-home, don’t forget to leave out plenty of water for your pet, and schedule extra time to take them out during the day. If the home is too warm, you may dehydrate your pet faster.



Christmas Meal:
1. Keep bones from turkey, chicken, pork, fish and beef ribs away from your pet! They may be too sharp and could puncture your pet’s throat, stomach or intestines.

  1. Rich, fatty foods can cause pancreatitis, which is painful for your pets! Keep them away from any table scraps that may upset their digestion.
  2. Alcoholic drinks can cause death, especially in smaller animals. Make sure not to leave empty glasses or cups out where a pup may be inclined to take a sip!
  3. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine which can result in dire illness for your pet. Keep any caffeinated drinks, candies, or cocoa away from them.
  4. Keep food in storage containers or covered up so pets cannot get into them when no one is looking. If your pet is able to reach the counter, make sure when dinner is over that no one leaves plates with leftovers out for easy access!
  5. Remember to take out trash frequently. This will keep pets from being able to get into spoiled food or leftovers.
  6. Don’t “treat” pets from the table. If everyone is feeding the pet over time, it will lead to indigestion and upset stomachs. Especially for pets with sensitive stomachs.



Do’s and Don’t:

Don’t use tinsel around the home it may cut your pets intestines or may cause a blockage requiring surgery.

Do coat electric cords with Tabasco sauce or bitter apple extract to prevent chewing.

Don’t put chocolate or nuts within your pets reach.

Don’t put food items (wrapped or unwrapped) as gifts under the tree.

Do secure the tree by putting an eye bolt in the ceiling and tying the tree to it – this will prevent any “Christmas Vacation” related tree incidents!!

Do remember many winter plants are toxic to pets. Pets should not be near Holly, Poinsettia, Chrysanthemums, Amaryllis, Periwinkle, and Mistletoe.

Do monitor stagnant water in your real tree, it can create bacteria and can cause vomiting for your pet.

Do note where there are cords and keep them away from the pets. The same applies to ornaments that your pet may reach.


Have fun and enjoy the holidays!



Written by Morgan Armitage


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