Poo Prints Program FAQ

As we begin the process to implement a Dog DNA program on site, we know you have LOTS of questions!  We’ve put together the below FAQ so you can understand the program and the process for how we will roll it out.  If you still have additional questions, we will be more than happy to talk with you about them!  Simply call the office or stop by during one of the open “Swab” days.

P.S. If you are NOT a dog owner, most of the below does not apply to you, but feel free to keep reading for your viewing enjoyment.  The short recap is: we’re doing SOMETHING about the dog poop problem!


PooPrints FAQ


What is PooPrints?

PooPrints is a dog waste management system that has seen great success, nationwide, across various properties. It is a system where a dog’s DNA is collected and uploaded to a property database, which will allow us to reliably test and identify un-scooped dog waste left on the property. PooPrints has proven to increase the cleanliness of the grounds by 95% across active properties.


How will I submit my dog’s DNA?

Our property will be rolling out a “Swab Schedule” where the leasing office will be open for you and your pup to submit DNA. DNA will be taken via a medical swab provided by the property. The owner of the dog will take the swab and collect DNA from the inside of the dog’s cheek. That’s it!


Will there be a cost for the swab?

Our property is covering all costs of the swab for currents residents if DNA is submitted by December 20th.  If a current resident does not get their dog swabbed before December 20th, they will be responsible for the $35 DNA submission fee along with a $250 pet fine. We will also cover all swab costs for future residents.


Will there be any additional fees with Poo Prints?

There are no additional fees for our residents’ involvement in the PooPrints program.


Will I have to sign a new Pet Addendum?

Your Pet Addendum will remain on file for your registered pet(s), but we will ask you to sign a new PooPrints addendum.  This new lease addendum will outline your responsibilities as a resident with a pet under the PooPrints program.  One of the requirements of the program is that all registered dogs must wear the green PooPrints tag on their collar at all times during their residency.


Why does my dog have to wear a PooPrints tag on their collar?

This is an easy way to identify your pet as a registered PooPrints pet on site, and is a visual indicator to help us catch un-registered pets on site.  Ensuring all pets on site are registered in the database makes this a better process for everyone, so if your dog is not wearing the tag, be prepared to be approached by a member of our staff to check your pet’s registration.


When will PooPrints be rolled out?

PooPrints will officially begin on our property January 2nd 2018. Our team will make a full sweep of the grounds before the start date so no “old” waste can be used to taint the program. Beginning January 2nd, any waste found on the grounds will have a sample extracted and sent out to be tested. Once the sample is collected, our staff will remove the droppings from the grounds. The owner of the waste will then be fined.


How much is the fine for not picking up after my dog?

The fine for not picking up your pet’s waste will be $250.00. A portion of this fine is used for the technology to match the DNA.


Why is the cost of the fine so high?

It is our hope that we don’t actually have to fine anyone!  But the reality is that there will be violators, so the fine is set at such a level to ensure violators are mindful that their actions affect the entire community.  We’ve utilized the research done by PooPrints to set the fine at a level to make it more inconvenient to get a fine than to pick up and dispose of their dog’s waste properly.


I bagged my doggie droppings, but left the bag on the ground, or in a trash not authorized as a Doggie Pot, why did I get fined?

Thanks for picking up the droppings, but we also need them dropped in one of the Doggie Pots on the property. Doggie bags are not allowed to be left in the mail center, pool area or clubhouse trash cans.


Why am I getting fined for not picking up my pet’s wasted in my private yard?

We will not be DNA testing droppings in enclosed private yards, however we will assess the $250 fine for not picking up your pet’s waste.  Our goal is to have a pet-waste-free and clean environment for everyone to enjoy!


Will PooPrints increase my monthly pet rent?

No. We are funding the cost of this program. Charges to residents will only be incurred if a resident violates the pet waste policy already in place with your leasing agreement. PooPrints will simply give us a more accurate and reliable way to identify the owner of the waste.


Is our community the only one to use this program?

Good news! Your neighbors at The Hudson will also be getting PooPrints, and our systems will work together.  So if you forget to pick up over at the Hudson, or a Hudson neighbor forgets to pick up over here, it will also be tracked.


What will happen with my pet’s DNA?

Each pet will be logged into a database that will allow us to test waste and trace it to a particular dog. PooPrints holds a database that can also act as a recovery database in case your pet is ever lost, by wearing the green PooPrints tag.


What information will you keep on my pet? 

The only info we need from pet owners is the owner’s name and address and the name of the dog, along with the barcode number on the DNA test kit.  No other personal information is needed or kept with your dog’s file.  PooPrints privacy policy guidelines DNA World Pet Registry ensures that your info is secure and private.  Read their privacy policy here.


Will you use my dog’s DNA in any other way?

No, the only thing we will use the DNA for is to match waste left on our property.  We will not use the DNA to identify your dog’s breed, but contact your vet if you would like to learn how you can use DNA for genetic identification.  And as crazy as it sounds, we’ve been asked the question and must squash any rumors…we will NOT be cloning any of your pets.  That’s a little too science-fiction for us!

PooPrints does not use or allow the distribution of genetic property to other sources unless directly requested by the canine owner.


My dog is a service dog, so does my dog need to be included in this program?

Yes, if you have a service pet, you are still required to participate in this program. We know pets provide a great service to their owners, and all pet owners are responsible for pet cleanup regardless of the role your pet plays in your life.


Why did you choose this system over other ideas – cameras, additional porters, ground cleaning services?

As we have gotten a lot of feedback from our residents on our pet poop problem, we knew it was time to make a change in our current system, which only was successful when we caught violators in the act of not picking up after their pets.  We did quite a lot of research on how other apartment communities are successful in this area.  We have porters on our maintenance team who spend hours a day picking up trash and pet waste, but our grounds are expansive!  Adding to our staff or adding on a ground cleaning service turned out to be too costly.  Adding cameras to the ground to catch violators in the act would have been a large upfront cost, but more importantly, would have felt a lot like “big brother” for us to watch your every move.  We weren’t willing to give up some of your personal privacies for that level of accountability.  There are quite a few communities nationwide that use the PooPrints system successfully, and we are excited to be able to implement it here.


We love your pets and we know all our residents will love having clean grounds!  If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call or stop by the leasing office.



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