Wine Down Wednesday Re-cap!

As usual, it’s always great to take time from our busy lives to enjoy a bit of wine and company. Whether you are the wine connoisseur who gently sips, swashes and takes in every note or the casual wine taster who is looking for a new path to walk down and a new taste to explore–our Wine Down Wednesdays always offer a diverse mix of residents and friends alike. This Wine Down Wednesday, which now seems to be a regular monthly event due to its popularity, was sponsored by Kroger who brought a wide range of unique wines, cheeses and meats to choose from. That right there is a different level of involvement. It is one thing to taste a great wine…it’s another thing completely to pair it with a sharp, pepper jack cheese, Gruye’re or Gouda.

The most popular wine of the night had to be the Moda Talamonti and with a bit of in-depth journalism we found that this wine has won several awards including the International Wine & Spirit Competition, vintage Silver and the 2010 vintage Silver (Best In Class).

Also, keep in mind that Kroger is having a huge wine sale with 20% when you get 6+ bottles through Saturday Oct. 15th, so whether you tasted the wine you’re gonna get or want to find something new and unique, ask for Sharon (at Kroger) for a rundown on the what’s-what in Vino.

See you all next month!




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