Something Sweet This Way Comes

Austin Ranch has had it going on for quite some time. We’ve got the picturesque pools, stunning panoramas of Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, bars galore and even a chiropractor. Yet, the most brilliant addition came to us about a month ago; a donut shop!

Donut Sign

That’s right! Smack down in the middle of The Boat House parking lot is 5 AM Donuts. Divine decadence is a mere step away!


Personally, I find this dangerous. Glazed blueberry cake filled rings and jalapeno cheese stuffed sausages wrapped with sweet bread summon me like a siren. There’s just something about opening up a box filled with a colorful, sprinkled, carefully aligned row of treats that elicits the utmost sense of joy.


In addition, the customer service was superb! I approached the shop like an investigator; camera out, pen and pad in tow. The door was held open for me and I was greeted with a gracious smile. (No, they were not expecting me).

Anna came to the counter eager to assist me. I informed her that I intended to bring an assortment to my colleagues. She filled a bright box with one of everything and then put together a separate goody bag just for me…my guardian angel? Maybe.

With a suggestive grin she told me, “The chocolate glazed donuts are the best and most popular.” She wasn’t wrong. Rich, creamy, fluffy and oh so chocolate coated!

Don’t let my opinion sway you, walk on over to 5 AM Donuts and give Anna a great big, “Hello.”


Written by Alexandra Ioannides

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