New Crossfit Gym at Austin Ranch!

We are super excited to have our very own CrossFit gym here at Austin Ranch! If you don’t know what this latest craze is about, it involves the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more! What makes it more fun and motivating to work out with these awesome CrossFitters is the feel of community and comradery. They want you to succeed and they push you to the limit!


I met with CrossFit Fidens owners Jen Elliot and Justin Morse today.  They were able to speak with me even with their busy schedules, which typically involve two classes in the morning and two classes in the afternoon. The first thing I asked was why they chose The Boat House location for their gym. Jen and Justin shared that they saw a need for the gym in this area.  With Austin Ranch booming with new homes, retail and even commercial businesses, they noticed there weren’t any CrossFit gyms close enough in this region. They jumped at the opportunity to open up a gym and saw that The Boat House would be the perfect location to do it.


What’s so great about CrossFit? “Every CrossFit gym is a different experience”, Jen and Justin shared. You build relationships between the trainers and members in the gyms, and as trainers, they really enjoy the sense of connection that they have created with their members.  They love seeing both young and old, trying and succeeding at things they’ve never before attempted.  They build such strong relationships with their members that they also set up events outside of the gym!


Justin Morse said, “we have built this kind of ‘suffer through it’ mentality,” so building mental and physical strength throughtraining has given everyone a sense of accomplishment and comradery.  CrossFit is a great alternative to building a healthier lifestyle while socializing. CrossFit members can find common ground and talk about what goals they have, and the things they have accomplished from their workouts. They even cheer each other on when they feel like some of the workouts are difficult. You can see why CrossFit has been so successful at motivating people to get healthy and strong with friends supporting you along the way!


One of the perks of CrossFit Fidens is the membership portal set up to show the progress of current members, which allows for some healthy competition within the team.  Another cool thing they are doing every Saturday is offering a free community workout so people can see what CrossFit is about. CrossFit Fidens also offers 3 different membership programs with NO contract policy.  You can choose to do an unlimited membership, a 3 times a week membership plan, or the 10 visit punch card redeemed in 90 days.  Currently they are even offering a Founders Rate of 20% off original pricing! Check out www.crossfitfidens for more info!


Since their soft opening was March 4th, they plan to do their grand opening on Saturday, April 9th with vendors and a DJ!  Go check them out!! Jen and Justin’s passion is to see you reach mental and physical strength and it shows! The name Fidens comes from the Latin word fearless and after meeting Jen and Justin you will definitely experience new levels of fearlessness!




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