Monday Night Mardi Gras


We decided to start this week with a little Mardi Gras celebration for our residents.  Being a Monday, we weren’t sure how many people would show up, so we enticed everyone with free food catered from Razoos and tasty beverages along with Mardi Gras attire and beads to ring in Fat Tuesday. Our residents really enjoyed the bread pudding and awesome music.  They definitely cleaned us out of rice and drank all of our alcohol (We’ve noticed with this crowd, red wine is always a hit!)  Who says you can’t have fun on a Monday!  We even had to kick people out!!

Being a BRAND NEW property with awesome residents, this is a great time to come and get to know people in your community. It was great to see the new faces that just moved in this week. Ash just moved here from New York and we got the pleasure to talk with him about his unique experience here at The Boat House so far!

I have lived many places, and this is by far one of the nicest!” –Ash.

Our neighbors were so excited to know we have so many more events just like this! Everyone is always curious to see who will cater next. We are gaining new neighbors daily and would love to make our events something that everyone can come to relax and enjoy some new experiences together.  Come out to the next one and see what we’re all about!

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