Meet The Boat House Cares Team!

At The Boat House, we are beyond excited to have a CARES team in place to help make our residents feel welcome and to plan and build up our community events. If this is your first apartment living experience with a CARES team, here is what you can expect:


1. Verb. To look after and provide for the needs of.
2. Noun. A team that redefines the resident experience through relationship building, event planning and servicing the needs of the community. See below image for what a CARES team should look like.

bh cares team

We asked our CARES team, Jess and Rob Black to intro themselves to you. Here are their sweet and quippy responses:

Stats: We’re both from North Texas – Rob is from Wylie, and Jess is from The Colony.

Why CARES? This is our first time being a CARES team, but we both have put a lot of effort into building community throughout our lives, and are excited to do so formally as a CARES team.

In your spare time, you…
Our daughter will be 6 months old at the end of July, so we like to sleep. Other than that, we both like to read and play board games.

Do you have any interesting hobbies or adventures?
We both like to dance – Jess does Swing Dancing, and Rob can bust a move English Country Dancing. We also like hiking & camping. Jessica studied abroad in China for a summer, teaching English to 3rd graders at the International Academy of Beijing. Rob studied abroad in Europe for a month, travelling through ten countries to visit key sites from World War II, and also spent a summer in Guadalajara, Mexico. After we met, we volunteered together in an orphanage outside of Guadalajara for a month – Jess taught preschool while Rob did construction work.

What’s your vision for building The Boat House community?
Fun, games, and friendships! We really want to create a sense of belonging for everyone with a variety of events that will let us get to know each other well and foster a close-knit community. We’re also planning to kick off a book club soon – be on the lookout for more details to come!

If you could do one nice thing for someone, what would it be?
Bake them cookies!

Where can residents meet & get to know their CARES team?
We live in Building 30 and we’re generally home Saturday afternoons and weekday evenings, so stop by anytime! We’ll also be out and about in the community, hanging out in the clubhouse or enjoying the view from The Pier and planning and hosting some awesome resident events. We hope to see you out there!

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